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Instruments used in any measurement environment must perform optimally to ensure accurate and reliable results. They represent the core equipment in any production process or research. Like any technological tool, measurement instruments need to be regularly serviced for reliable and accurate performance while minimising downtime. In any business process where certification standards like the ISO or even quality maintenance is paramount, calibration is a necessity. They are, quite literally, instrumental in the success of a business.

At SMT, we are able to provide calibration services for time, frequency, radio frequency and microwave measurement equipment.

Our dedicated and environmentally controlled Radio Frequency Standards Room is able to generate and measure signals up 26 GHz making them ideal to service many RF and microwave instruments such as spectrum analyzers, power meters and attenuators.

Our Time and Frequency Laboratory maintains time and frequency standards derived from our GPS Frequency Reference. That enables us to provide calibration services for a variety of measurement equipment including counters, generators, tachometers, process calibrators, time bases and oscillators.


Calibration Table Pt 1

Calibration Table Pt 2          *Our calibration and repair services are not limited to the above instruments. Kindly contact us for more details.